Thursday, October 31, 2013

After a quiet few months, things are heating up for the ECIPI team.  This past weekend we were privileged to be part of Magna Cum Murder XIX.  On Friday afternoon we presented a panel, "PI Means Paranormal Investigator," in which we outlined our approach to paranormal investigations for an audience of mystery writers and readers.  The panel was well received.  We not only got great questions during the question & answer period, but had several people stopping us throughout the weekend to ask questions and share stories.

For Halloween, we were invited to contribute to the Jungle Red Writers blog by author Hank Phillipi Ryan.  Writing the blog was a fun challenge, and responding to comments and questions has been very enjoyable today! 

We have two investigations set up for November, both returns to places we've worked before.  We're looking forward to seeing if any of our previous experiences repeat themselves as well as to introducing a friend to ghost hunting!  We'll share results here once they are available.